The DAW Group takes sustainability very seriously and has a strategy to consider sustainability from three aspects, - Company – Products – Buildings.

“In everything that we do we behave responsibly towards people, nature and society. As an innovative family enterprise we feel obliged to make a contribution to sustainable, environmentally compatible, economic management (Sustainable Development) that is fit for the future."

Sustainable company

In order that the DAW SE sustainability strategy is incorporated into the whole enterprise and continually implemented and developed further, special committees and working groups have been set up. The overall responsibility for the subject of sustainability is held by the managing director and owner. He is also the chairman of the external Sustainability Advisory Board which DAW SE founded as the only company in the industrial branch in 2010. Members of this committee are figures from the fields of architecture, economics and the decorating trade, who have special expertise in sustainability.

Sustainable products

Through their material properties, our sustainable products should enhance the health and well-being of people and provide environmental and climate protection. For living and working in a clean, healthy and sustainably designed environment we offer a wide range of emission-minimised and solvent-free paints, enamels, primers and other innovative coatings.

A special highlight is the Indeko-plus from Caparol, the world's first emission-minimised and solvent-free interior paint, which came onto the market as long ago as 1985. This fact that first-class product quality and excellent environmental properties can complement one another very well has been proven by the Dalmatiner board, which on its introduction in 2002 set a new standard in thermal insulation. Moreover, our nano-quartz matrix technology and the OWC, the One-Way Container, which provides a substantial contribution to the reduction of waste, are significant developments.

Sustainable Buildings

Our customers – application workers, building owners, architects and investors – have been increasingly requesting information about non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly products, particularly in the field of sustainable construction. In order to respond to this demand DAW SE has been intensively contributing to the production of environmental product declarations (EPDs). Certified EPDs have been available since 2009 for the key products from DAW. They are gradually being supplemented for further products.

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