Off Site Construction

With the continued developments and expansion in Off-Site manufacturing across Europe and the complexity of design required by clients, the DAW Group are at the forefront of offering engineered insulated facades. We offer 10 main finishes including render, brick, timber and complete interior solutions including plasters and coatings.

Our experience across Europe with both machine and hand applied systems makes the DAW Group your ideal strategic partner for all your interior and exteriod needs.

Our product types allow us to service the four main categories in Off-Site Construction. The categories of Volumetric, Modular, Panelised and Component can all be individually or collectively addressed. Each category presents a different approach to Off-Site Construction and can be blended with the other categories to produce a 'hybrid' Off-Site building solution. The DAW product range can adapt with you the client, to ensure a tailor made supply chain.

With technically advanced manufacturing facilitites across Europe, The Middle East and The Far East we are able to offer you full supply chain accountability together with superior products and systems.

Our In-House research and development facility, The RMI Institute, enables us to successfully design and develop our products to suit your housing improvements thus allowing you to 'future-proof' your Off-Site solution.